Terrace screen

Xterior offers you terracescreens, which give your customers a good feeling on your terrace where they can relax in comfort.

Xterior terracescreens, parasols (storm resistant), heaters and lightning will complement your outdoor area, providing you with exceptionally attractive and robust solutions to entice passers-by and ensure that your clients sit longer and ultimately spend more! Xterior has several models with a large scale of dimensions. The terracescreen has an aluminium frame with safetyglass or/and hpl (high pressure laminated).

A parasol and also a terracescreen can get sponsored or be used to brand yourself, so you can let people know where they have to be to have a pleasant time.

If you do want more information about the possibilities concerning terracescreens or storm resistant parasols do not hesitate to contact us. More information can be found on our website www.xterior.nl or contact us by e-mail info@xterior.nl or by phone +31497-581010

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